Chas Christiansen, left, often catches up with his employees outside of restaurants in between their deliveries.

A year ago, Chas Christiansen, 25, had a problem many people around the country faced — he was out of a job. A veteran courier, he and former coworkers looked at how their peers in other parts of the world made a living by riding bicycles.

Starting off as an informal venture between Christiansen and a friend, TCB Courier was created to take bike messengers out of the financial center of San Francisco, delivering court filings and other legal documents, and into the cultural center in the Mission District.

Now, whether a customer wants a cheesesteak, a bottle of wine or even a pair socks, TCB Courier is, as Christiansen says, making it easy for “people to be lazy at 4 a.m.”

Ashwin Seshagiri

Life-long Bay Area resident Ashwin Seshagiri moved to the Mission last year to pursue journalism professionally. Though at times cynical about the familiar haunts, he manages to uncover delightful surprises...

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  1. I’m amazed they have 12 delivery guys in this group.I mean there is just so little need for this kind of service.

    I remember when a .com tried to do bike deliveries for little things in major metro areas all over the country….it was a spectactular multi-million dollar flame-out in less than 6 months….

    Good luck to these guys…..

  2. I get at least one comment a week about my messenger bag and people asking if the company still exists. My original seatbelt buckle equipped bag got stolen in the Mission back in 2000 when I got a bottle busted over the back of my head and then stabbed in the back with said bottle. I got jumped for my Kozmo bag which says something about how popular that service was. Hopefully these guys can make it work if they keep it small and don’t get into trouble for delivering booze.

  3. nhr you’re thinking of Kozmo. Need happens, riders are staffed accordingly. Doesn’t mean they work 12 hr. days each.

    Fills the niche dineoneone left as their website here is dead.

  4. They’ve been around for over a year and if there really wasn’t a need for these people, they would have folded by now.

    What didn’t work 10 years ago doesn’t mean it can’t work now with the advent of easier ways to connect the world.

    These guys are Takin Care of Business.

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