Robberies and stabbings abounded in the Mission this weekend, with seven police reports filed in less than 36 hours.

The drama began in the backseat of a white Ford Taurus, when a man in his late 20s tried to skip out on the bill for sexual services rendered by a prostitute.

Their dispute over payment, which took place at the corner of 20th and Church Streets, ended when the john stabbed the 33-year-old hooker just before she fled the vehicle at 2:35 a.m. Saturday morning, the report said.

A half hour later and a few blocks over, three male teenagers punched a 47-year-old man, robbing him of cash and two cell phones.

The suspects, between 18 and 19 years of age, fled on foot and the victim was treated at a nearby hospital, according to the police report.

The sun rose a few hours later, and it was an almost normal business day for the Sunglass Hut at 2327 Market St.

At 5:53 p.m., just before closing, a man walked in holding a gun and instructed the store’s two employees to lock the door behind him.

The victims, a 20-year-old woman and 23-year-old man, complied with the suspect’s request to hand over their money, along with certain pairs of designer sunglasses, the report said.

Someone passing by saw the robbery through the store windows, which look out onto a busy street of shops and restaurants, and alerted the police, said one employee who was not present during the robbery.

When the 25-year-old suspect saw the police approaching he ran out the back door, dropping the gun and his selection of sunglasses in the process.

Minutes before midnight on the other side of the Mission, three men in their twenties robbed two parking attendants of cash and cellular phones at gunpoint Saturday night.

The robbery, which took place on the 300 block of 14th Street, left the two middle-aged victims uninjured while the three suspects fled the parking attendant’s booth on foot.

A fight broke out three hours into Sunday morning that ended when an unspecified number of suspects robbed their victim, a 22-year-old man, of his phone and money on the 2000 block of Mission Street.

Just a stone’s throw from there, a 19-year-old man reported to police that he was surrounded by six other teenagers armed with sticks and forced to hand over his possessions.

The robbery took place at 9 p.m. Sunday and all suspects were taken into custody.

The final event of the weekend, a stabbing that took place just before midnight on Sunday, had no suspects and almost didn’t have a victim.

A police officer stumbled across a 47-year-old woman lying on the ground near 19th and Guerrero Streets who, medics later determined, had been stabbed in the left hip.

This particular victim wanted nothing to do with the police officer and was “extremely uncooperative,” according to the police report.

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