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The event: a “Music Flea Market” (this past Saturday) by Zambaleta music school, hosted by Esperanza Gardens (19th and Florida).

Though summer slumps made for a low level of actual buying and selling at the market, the day was far from lost. Exceptional musical performances abounded, in a medley of genres.

There were solo performances, duets and an improvised ensemble with an impressive impromptu repertoire. Performers included Misha Khalikulov on cello, Vic Wong on guitar, Aaron Kierbel on drums, Safa Shokrai on bass, Rasul Grayson on sax, Andrea Lawton on guitar, James Caran on the mouth trumpet, Ashley Ellington on vocals, Diana Strong on accordion, Annabez Ibanez on the Pabst can with watermelon seeds, Vincent Pagniucci on the melodica, Sanjay on the saz-cümbüş.

Included was home-made pizza with fresh veggies from Esperanza Garden, cooked in an old-school cob oven.

Most unique instruments present: melodica, saz-cümbüş, Italian mandolin.