Garfield Pool Reopens!

The sweet smell of chlorine in our noses has been missing since November of last year. Yesterday morning, a bathing-capped throng came to celebrate having a public pool in the Mission again, after undergoing $260,000 in renovations.

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  1. Grrrreat work, Juan! You so artfully captured the poetry of our swimmer’s celebratory return to Garfield waters–and our sincere thanks to SFRP leaders (and Supervisor David Campos!) for finding the funds to bring this restoration about. No easy matter in these cashless times. Yet, all the more reason to keep Garfield pool vital–for a revitalized San Francisco begins with us: a healthy, vital citizenry working in community…

  2. maryann

    Excellent video. thank You. so happy it is finally open for the public. they love it soooo much. i know, they used to tell me all the time while i was life guarding. a wonderful thing has been born again …everyone swim!!!!! see ya soon.

  3. Karen

    MY POOL IS OPEN!!!! YEAH!!!!!
    just kepp swimming ! <3

  4. Sarah

    Wonderful news. I’ve packed on 10 pounds or so since it closed. I have missed it so much!

  5. Kim

    So happy yo have you back! I first learned to swim at Garfield pool at age 8. Then as a teen my mother and I would swim at Garfield when we needed to work out our issues. When I became pregnant swimming was the only way to subside my morning sickness so again I turned to Garfield. Now I look forward to swimming with my child at Garfield.

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