New Parking Meters in the Mission

Map by Molly Roy

As you might have read in the Chronicle and Streetsblog, there was some pretty emotional debate at a hearing held last week by the Municipal Transportation Agency over the installation of an additional 1,310 parking meters in the city.

The Mission District will get 300 of the meters, mostly on South Van Ness Avenue and Valencia Street, as part of the ambitious SFPark program scheduled to roll out this fall.

SF Streetsblog reports that the owners of Mr. Scooter on Mission Street and a tire company on South Van Ness Avenue complained that there is no need for meters in that area because no parking problem exists.

On the southern end, most of the meters would be installed around St. Luke’s Hospital and the popular new condominiums at 555 Bartlett Street.

The public will have another chance to speak up when the Municipal Transportation Agency holds another hearing in August.

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  1. Mark

    This plan is pretty ridiculous, particularly near St. Luke’s – the metered spots on Valencia are nearly 100% empty during the day, or they’re used by people with handicapped placards. This generates no revenue for the city.

  2. IvanSF714

    The MTA’s never-ending campaign to make the city as unlivable as possible continues. Why don’t they cut their grossly inflated salaries, pensions and benefits? Instead they want to extract more money from hard-working San Franciscans like you and me.

  3. john

    I agree with IvanSF714. Raise money by firing all these city employees – not by choking us with new fees.

  4. no name

    the worst part is they are hour meters by St. Luke’s…doctors do not run on time for appointments so you can get a ticket while waiting for your physician to arrive

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