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Mission District, please welcome your new celebrity neighbor: Adam Savage of the popular Discovery Channel TV show Mythbusters.

“This is my third or fourth time living in the Mission,” Savage said. “I lived on Bartlett and 22nd for about seven years, so this is me coming back to the Mission. It’s been too long. I missed the sun.”

He added that he would sign the papers for a new house Monday afternoon and would rather not have the street name published.

His show, which has been on air since 2003, sets out to discover if myths and popular beliefs are true or false. A portion of the program is produced in Northern California.

Savage, a New York City native, is also looking for a studio near his house.

“I’m looking for 400-600 sq. ft. of retail/studio space in the Mission. Bet. 17th-20th and bet. Valencia-Dolores. Can anyone help?”

His previous house on Sunnyside near City College was way too foggy, he said.

“The fog over there was killing us,” he said. “Time to come back to the sun.”

Savage said the studio is for his own use. His co-host, Jamie Hyneman, has a studio nearby on Potrero Hill.

So, what should you do if you see Savage in the neighborhood? He told thesneeze.com that it’s best to just get the initial awkwardness out of the way.

“I’ve realized that if you’re someone in the public eye who gets approached all the time, it’s just best if someone gets it out of the way, right away. And then, often I’ll end up having a great conversation with them because most of the people who really like the show are garage builders, or makers of things, and they’re thrilled by the idea of the show… they’ve learned a lot from watching it.”

Welcome (back) to the neighborhood!

Correction: an earlier version of this article said Adam Savage signed the lease for a new studio near his new house. He signed the papers for his new house and is still looking for a studio space. We regret the error.