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A brightly painted sign, tangled yarn and strips of colored paper where some of those who have passed by have stopped to scribble down their wishes now adorn a tree on 24th Street between Valencia and Bartlett Streets.

The Mission Wishing Tree, as this once-ordinary liquidambar is now called, is the creative brainchild of Anna Fizyta, a local artist.

“I really believe that getting your wishes out there can make things happen,” says Fizyta.

So far, the anonymous wishers have asked “to fall in love,” “to end ignorance” and for “a healthy salad bar on Valencia Street.”

“I’ve already gotten more wishes than I expected,” Fizyta says happily.

The Wishing Tree project began, she says, to “be the change I wanted to see in my community.”

Up until now, the change the community seems to want: “More neighborhood potlucks,” according to one Mission wisher.

No matter. Fizyta already plans to do more community-centered projects, and now she is focusing on making a short film to “get people inspired to go make the life of their dreams.”

Visit awakenedcreativity.org or missionwishingtree.com to find out more about the Mission Wishing Tree and Anna Fizyta’s art.