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Veronica Moscoso

Veronica Moscoso, is an Ecuadorian storyteller who narrates through radio, video, and short stories. She lived in the Middle East, South East Asia and now in California.

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  1. WTF ?

    “IW Said . . . I’m curious to know how many people he’d had sex with before he got married.” That is none of your business unless you are with him as his partner.

    What does that have to do with this video? There are a lot of vanilla people and otherwise who have had a lot of sex before their got married. Look at all these folk who are having affairs and such.

  2. I love this video. Well done and brings an beautiful introduction of understand of him as a person with a multi-facited life. We are not what we do, we are not a monolith. One person on this board said “why doesn’t he keep his mouth shut (loosing jobs) well that is fair, what about the people to are able to keep their jobs for breaking their marriage vows, and who have illicit affairs and hurt their partners. What about those who are domestic-violence abusers, they usally loose their jobs, unless their jobs have a clause that will not employ someone who has been convicted of a crime. Even if there is not conviction their jobs wont fire them. JD is not breaking any laws and is not messing with peoples lives in a hurtful manner. I have experienced his creativeness and have attended 3 of his classes on decorative roping. There is nothing perverted about it. I see more perversions with the vanilla crowd at the Bay to Breakers yesterday. Public drunkenness and people touching you sexually without your consent. It is crazy. keep things in perspective if you don’t understand something. Seek to understand with education and 1st person connections.

  3. He says he’s lost jobs because of this? He wouldn’t if he had just kept his moth shut.

  4. pretty cool, i wish to be in that world but i don’t have the patience. Oh well my Greek girlfriend will take me back as soon as i pay the 8 thousand dollars back i borrowed and she and i will be very comfortable sharing the world of bondage with each other. Wish me luck.

  5. As William Shatner once said “when someone says to me “live long and prosper” I seriously mean it when I say “get a life””

    There are few things less interesting than other peoples sex life.