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It was only a matter of time before La Mission would be for sale from the bootleggers on Mission Street. Directed by Peter Bratt and featuring, his brother, Benjamin, “La Mission” tells the story of Che, a single father, low rider and recovering alcoholic who struggles to accept his son’s homosexuality.

Still showing widely in San Francisco theaters for $10, black market DVDs sell for $3 to $5 a copy on Mission Street. Act disinterested and the seller will knock off a buck or two.

It’s selling well, said Renieri Lanza, a 30-years-old, who began selling it three weeks ago. It was one of many offerings among the square cases on Mission Street that he displayed in neatly aligned rows atop a blue tarp. Also on sale: “Date Night” and J.Lo’s new flick “The Back-up Plan.”

By at 2 p.m. on a recent weekday he had already sold four copies of La Mission.

Lanza said it’s popular because of its Mission locale. Did the Bratt Brothers get it right? Lanza thinks so.

And the ethics of buying the DVD on Mission Street? It’s the quintessential Mission experience – something Che might have done.

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