Adobe Books Contemplates Existence

The Bay Citizen published a piece about this threatened Mission staple today.

Here’s more.

Adobe Books has been pulling in around $200 per day, $100 less than it needs to stay afloat, according to the owner, Andrew McKinley. “The books just aren’t selling fast,” he said.

The sign in the window is from an art exhibit, and he said that since the sign’s been up, more people have come inside. “A lot of people would miss this place,” McKinley said.

Old literature still sells well, it’s just dated items like atlases and encyclopedias that aren’t in demand. “A lot of these books you can buy for a penny online,” he said.

It’s not absolutely certain that the store will close, but things don’t look great.

The store’s hosting an art exhibition May 28 through July 2 called Lending Library, which will “examine how we navigate and reclaim information,” according to the description.

Adobe Books Backroom Gallery
3166 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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