Dance Festival begins today!  An array of presentations, and kaleidoscope of styles on display; much of it for FREE.  Will Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith be hanging around?

Earlier Today

Robbery on Mission Street

A 21 year-old female suspect and a male suspect in his 20s approached an 18 year-old female at 2:11 p.m. near the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez streets. The female suspect grabbed hold of the victim while the male suspect took the victim’s property, police said. No weapons were used and there were no injuries. The female suspect has been arrested, the male suspect remains at large.

Arizona Hits the Fan

This just in, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs tough immigration enforcement bill today. What does Colbert think about the latest in Arizona’s immigration policies? Hilarious! See Colbert Report here.

A Pair of Heels for Vanessa

Watch out Dore Studio, former Mission Loc@l reporter and founding member Steve Saldivar recently published “A Pair of Heels for Vanessa,” a photo essay that documents American-born Latinas celebrating their Quinceañeras — the traditional rite of passage for 15-year-old girls. Saldivar told UC Berkeley News that to capture the images in his essay, he went to four Quinceañeras in our very own Mission District, and Oakland’s Fruitvale, sometimes staking out churches to find them. He talked with the girls. “I would ask them ‘What does it mean? and they wouldn’t really know. They’re just 15!” he says.

“What does it mean to be a woman in one culture and a girl in another?” his essay asks. His photos — the ones shown here plus more — are part of the book American Identity published by the UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism. In the book you will also find photos by current Mission Loc@l editor Armand Emamdjomeh.

Poetry is Not a Luxury

As the window of Modern Times loudly proclaims. Especially true during National Poetry Month.

Grand Opening Imminent

For as long as Zaytoon has been a presence on Valencia, it has also been an absence, a state of suspended opening. Recent evidence of activity inside suggests, as it always does, Zaytoon is about to open.