Oakland students and teachers turn out for March 4 pickets; “disaster drills”

Claremont Middle School students hold up signs protesting state budget cuts during their school’s 9:15am “disaster drill.”

Lillian R. Mongeau, Melanie Mason | March 4, 2010 – 12:04 pm |

Students, teachers, and concerned neighborhood residents lined Broadway in front of Oakland Technical High School to protest the state cuts to public education.  As early as 7:45 am, participants in the statewide March 4 Day of Action to Defend Public Education were holding signs outside of Tech, sometimes bouncing them up and down to make sure passing drivers noticed. The regular honking and the occasional “peace” fingers held out car windows indicated they were being seen.

“See, you have the people’s support,” local resident Nancy Delaney said.  “Now what about the damn administration?”

Physics teacher Richard Fairly, who has been at Tech for sixteen years, said he had come out on this chilly morning “to decry the cuts to education and also to support a strong contract for Oakland’s teachers.”

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