On Time
“t.w.five is the mastermind collaboration of a Brazilian street artist and a Swedish pictorial artist, both living in the US. together they intermix their own take on their opposite cultures and turn their ideas and thoughts into life size vinyl murals and installations. this is the saga about what happens when south intertwines with north and a new hybrid of the “between” occurs.” Music by Eschew. Sat., March 6. 6pm. SOAP GAllery. 3180 Mission Street. 415.920.9199

“The idea behind the event is that we want to modernize, takeover, revamp, trick out, revive, do up, the Outdoor Afternoon Dance Party Scene in the Mission. We want a party for everyone, a party, where drag queens mingle with lesbians, leather daddy’s soul dance with cholas, sharps share hot dogs with activists, jocks make out with twinks, brown meets white meets purple meets gay guy meets ladies meets q and everyone leaves with anxious feelings for the next party. The party is being Dj’d by Resident DJ newcomers and soul music wizards Dj Carnitas and DJ Brown Amy.” $10 BeerBust and BBQ(3-5p) and $5 otherwise. Every 1st Saturday Afternoon. Sat., March 6. 3-8pm. El Rio. 3158 Mission Street. 415.282.3325

Just Keep Dancing
After an afternoon at ‘Hard French’ keep the party going at Elbo Room’s Saturday Night Soul Party.
Sat., March 6. 10pm. $10, $5 discount in semi-formal attire. 647 Valencia Street. 415.552.7788

Oscars at Roxie
“James Cameron. Sandra Bullock. We’re drawing a line in the sand. It is with a certain amount of trepidation that The Roxie presents the 18th annual “Up the Oscars Benefit Bash”, Sunday March 7. This year we are raising the Security Threat Level to “orange” in anticipation of a particularly cantankerous crowd given some of the regrettable nominations. So bring your ill-tempered attitude and vent with an equally irascible ilk while we attempt to distract you with prizes and a variety of shenanigans, including a costume contest, all calculated to keep your blood from boiling as misconceived musical numbers are performed and unworthy winners are announced. We’ll provide some FREE hors-d’oeuvres from Truly Mediterranean, but it’s a long show, so come well provisioned with food & drink. Doors open at 3:45 (15 minutes before the Red Carpet show begins). The charge is $15 at the door ($12. in advance and for those of you game enough to show up in costume).” Sun., March 7. Roxie. 3177 16th Street. 415.863.1087

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  1. Oh, man – that “Hard French” mix’n’mingle at “El Rio” sounds like the best! And Oscars at the Roxie…wish I didn’t have to work Monday morning!! Thanks for a great compilation.

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