In the Mission Today

6 A.M.  With no wind and overcast skies, it’s 50° and feels like it.  But once the fog burns off, another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

What better place to celebrate National Weed Appreciation Day!  Have you hugged your weed today? For those not quite ready for Sunday gardening, try The Lab for Godwaffle Noise Pancakes.  Or you might prefer the somewhat annual music marathon, Switchboard Music Festival, at Dance Mission from 2 to 10.  There’s more.

Terrorists in Our Midst

EEEK!  Not since the height of the communist threat in the 50’s has the City been so vulnerable to an attack from Evil!  In making his case for a new police headquarters and upgrading the Hall of (in)Justice, Police Chief George Gascon argued there are a lot of folks from the Middle East in the Bay Area. With unemployment rising and public services falling, why else would people vote $412 million for a new police HQ if they weren’t distracted and scared?

Speaking of Injustice

The Obama Administration has nominated Melinda Haag, a former federal prosecutor, to replace Joseph Russoniello as the U.S. attorney for Northern California.  If Russoniello, a Reagan-Bush boy, goes,  Mayor Gavin loses one of his  major excuses for handing over undocumented kids to ICE who have been charged, but not convicted with committing a felony:    a lawsuit from Russoniello.

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