While London appears far from the Mission, it’s not so far from Mission Loc@l and others trying to figure out how to report the news.  Scratching your head?

Here’s help.

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6 A.M. 59° degrees warm, with another beautiful day in the cards as we approach the spring solstice.And speaking of spring, tonight it’s Industrial Springtime, a night of fashion, food, art, dancing, music, all of the above at the SUB Gallery, 8 P.M; Zoyres Eastern European Wild Ferment at the Red Poppy Art House, reunion and sauerkraut sampling, 8 P.M. And of course . . .

Happy Operation Iraqi Freedom Day!

“Freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose,” sings the Iraqi Freedom Choir led by Liz Cheney. By that measure, Iraq has never been more free. The Annual Iraqi Freedom Celebration tomorrow will also celebrate freedom on the march in Marjah, Kandahar, Gaza, North Waziristan, Yemen and . . . San Francisco! So, don’t be a drone. Civic Center 11 A.M. The FBI, Red Squad, ICE, Delta Force, Green Berets will all be there and comic John Yoo will deliver the Keynote Blessing.

Kaffe Kulchur’s “Third Wave”

Tired of waiting in for that single cup of coffee to drip at Philz? Don’t fret, just forget about Phil. Get your own hand-crafted, artisan-produced, artisan-roasted coffee delivered to your door. Just add water. Megan Gordon at Bay Area Bites gives us her fave five delivering coffee roasters. Please hold your applause until you’ve checked out all five. If Kafka were still around, he would be writing ad copy for one (or all), if not out picking coffee beans with the campesinos — excuse me, “artisan pickers.”

Power to the People (sez PG&E)

Some are calling it the worst prop on the June ballot: Proposition 16. Essentially a supermajority (two-thirds) vote would be required before a city, like San Francisco could provide a public power program. See SF Appeal’s report on yesterday’s California Public Utility Commission meeting. Not surprisingly PG&E spoke for the supermajority stating that the proposition “simply stands for the principle that voters should decide” Sup. Ross Mikirimi, a supporter of CleanPowerSF, spoke for the opposition.