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Current temperature at 24th and Mission is a bleary 50 degrees Fahrenheit.  For those who need a weatherman to know the way the wind blows, consensus is more or less clear, more or less in the upper 50s with no significant chance of rain until this evening.

A New Orleans Iced Coffee as a nod to the football gods.  Not sure what makes it “New Orleans.”

Department of Early Morning Distraction

Remember saving Dolores Park (last week)? Remember the Facebook protest you joined, or not, last week from your cubicle deep in the bowels of the Financial District?  Dolores Park Works, a local nonprofit, confirms the closing, but puts a fairly good spin on it.

Eating for Fun and Nonprofit

Mission Street Food, expanding its effort to become a nonprofit restaurant, is now accepting  donations below the $500 “investor” level.  Any amount will help. Don’t know what kind of  “investor rights” you get for a buck, but if that’s your main motivation, go back to bed.

Black Gold

The wired reviewers at  coffeeratings.com think the Coffee Bar (incorrectly placed in Potrero Hill) and Ritual have the second best espresso in the City, tied with the surprising Dynamo Donuts.

Chocolate City?

Once known derisively as “Vanilla Town,” our City may be planning a makeover.  This photo from Bikes and the City gives hope.  The post also attributes the origins of the word “chocolate” to the Nahuatl (“xocaltl”), though, of course,  not everyone agrees.

Surfer Alert

The FBI would like to know what websites you’ve visited over the past two years.  The Bureau is pressuring internet providers to retain this information, something they don’t currently do.  While the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) supports the idea, some telecoms are balking.

Sunrise: a rose-gold ribbon stretches across the southeastern sky.   “New Orleans Iced Coffee” is extra-strong, sez Glenna, who did not watch the game.