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Crossing genres and transforming energies, the Anu Dub Collective offered an awakening and rhythmically varied set on Jan. 31 at the Jellyfish Abyss Temple, a new art space located at 1286 Folsom St.

Still settling on a name — only a couple of days ago the Collective was known as  the Zahira Soul Band — the young Mission-based group delivered energetic tunes that touched on everything from R’n’B Hip Hop to Roots, Reggae, Latin Salsa and Eastern Sufi chants.

It was only their second performance as a band. Led by the vocal harmonies of soul singer Zahira Soul,  percussionist Mike Scartezina has created a distinct sound by uniting six talented musicians of different musical backgrounds. “There was a simbiotic relationship that formed with us musically,” said Scartezina, who founded the band after playing a spontaneous gig at CultureSkate at 214 Valencia St.

While exploring the spirituality and healing aspects of music, Zahira has been performing with  bands on both coasts, and has been greatly influenced by her study of Indian and Arabic music.  She met Scartezina while singing back-up for Jah Levi, and has since dedicated herself to  the Anu Dub Collective.

“Music picks you,” said Scartezina about the 10-year journey that has lead him to share the stage with original members of Brazil’s Ile Lye, as well as Jah Levi, Rocker T and SambaDa, before finally going solo with a band of his own. “I’m trying to be the voice of the drum by bringing that ancient percussive energy to the people.”

Anu Dub, he said,  is the solo project he’s been looking for. “You can only play so many covers until you get the desire to create your own,” said Scartezina. “Ultimately, that’s every musician’s voyage.” With their first album still in the works,  Anu Dub is focusing on vibes  with instrumentation that pretty much anyone can groove to.  Stay tuned for local gigs, or catch them at the Center of Quantum Healing in Marin County on Feb. 22.