VIDEO:Feel Safe on Muni?

Do you feel safe on MUNI?

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  1. Willie Miller-Castillo

    When I took Muni-I did’nt feel safe!I used to take the 15 kearny and 30 stockton -there was this pervert who used to grab little girls butts-then he just got off.I rode from The Mission to North Beach to attend Francisco Middle school back in the 70’s.Then I took the 14 Mission in the 80’s and 90’s-people would get threatened daily.I finally got fed up and started riding my bike everywhere!!Now I have a Corvette-so I don’t have to ride the bus-I feel for the people who have to rely on Muni-they totally need more cops!Have you seen all the violence lately on the news and u-tube it’s horrible.These are very rough times!!! Willie

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