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Mission Bay’s Community Advisory Committee met late last week to discuss a few odds and ends, focusing on plans for affordable housing development on the corner of Channel and Fourth Streets

Mercy Housing’s plan for 1000 Fourth Street places a 150-unit affordable housing development a stone’s throw from Mission Creek and AT&T Park.

The schematic Mercy and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency presented includes childcare, after school programming, and some parking, as well as “quite smashing views across the channel,” according to architect Daniel Solomon from WRT Solomon ETC.

Kennerly Architecture and Planning also participating in the planning, as did Episcopal Community Services, which serves the formerly homeless.

Twenty percent of the units will be reserved for the formerly homeless.

The design team said they intend to have the project LEED certified, and the plans show frontage planning with sun exposure in mind.

A few of the advisory committee members said that they were worried the filigreed metal fins along one side of the building would need cleaning or be disturbing-looking from the interior, and several were concerned over one of the exterior colors, which looked greenish-yellow via overhead projector. The design team assured would appear different – not yellow – on site.

If you’ve been waiting for Fourth Street to open, the news isn’t good but it’s a lot more concrete than last month. “The short end of it is we’re aiming for a month from now,” said Catherine Reilly, acting project manager for the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. She said the middle of March was the worst case scenario.

The Chronicle wrote Wednesday that a proposed bond measure would only go to neighborhood improvements and that money for a forensic sciences building got cut.

The crime lab is out, but the police department headquarters building remains in the bond. The plan is still to move police offices from the Hall of Justice on Bryant to a new complex on Third Street in Mission Bay, on the same lot as local fire and police.

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