If you want to spend your Sunday taking a break from the digital age why not embrace the magic of old school photo booths. The Bold italic reminds us that the city’s best black and white film booths are located in the Mission.

All you need is a handful of crisp dollar bills and someone you want to cram into the small, dark booth with.  Start in the south end of the Mission and hit up the Knockout at 3223 Mission Street and Pop’s at 2800 24th Street. Make your way north to the Beauty Bar at 2299 Mission Street.

ED News:

The New York Times Bay Area gives us the latest update on San Francisco’s plan to fix the school assignment system with a new arrangement that has left many still unhappy.

It is designed to more closely consider proximity between a student’s home and classroom. It is to be applied to every child headed for kindergarten.

Mission Local explained the current assignment system in a September article

Under the current system, parents choose seven preferred public schools each time their child enters elementary, middle or high school. Many don’t end up with one of those initial seven and must submit a second list.

But even as this system emphasizes diversity, most schools remain fairly homogeneous racially and economically.

Print Edition:

Thank you Mission Mission for the announcement that the next issue of the Forum, the literary magazine published by City College of San Francisco, is looking for submissions.

Alumni, send your poems, essays, short stories, screenplays, visual artwork, photography or anything else you think they could fit onto a page to cityjournal(at)gmail(dot)com.

Also a reminder to pick up the current print edition of Mission Loc@l partnered with El Tecolote Newspaper at the Mission City College campus entrance.

Looking Forward:

On March 4th Peter Bratt will introduce “La Mission” to the Cinequest Film Festival audience in San Jose. After the film Benjamin Bratt will follow with a 30-minute conversation about the film.  I agree with Joann Landers of Metblog who said,  “Cool cars, San Francisco, and Benjamin Bratt – well worth the to drive to San Jose.”

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