The Mission is packed with small venues with intimate settings perfect for really great live music.  Here are four shows you shouldn’t miss this weekend.

Dolores Park Cafe
Jhameel is a one-man-band composing songs by adding layer upon layer using loops and an assortment of instruments. Also listen to the sweet acoustic music of Weslie Leslie as well as the Indie rock sounds of Orchestra of Antlers. Fri., Feb. 19. 7:30-10pm. Dolores Park Cafe. 501 Dolores Street. 415.621.2936


Marbeya Sound DJs will be at Amnesia Saturday night. Self described as “Electroacoustic,” they blend synthesized sounds with real musical instruments. Take a listen on their myspace. They are joined by Sex Worker and Jaws. Sex Worker isn’t as easy to listen to with one of their songs appropriately titled ‘PTSD’, while Jaws is still electronic but leans more towards dub. Sat., Feb. 20. 9pm. $5. Amensia. 853 Valencia Street. 415.970.0012


The beginning of Sour Mash Hug Band’s ‘Music Box waltz’ sounds like what Yann Tiersen would have created had he composed the Amélie Soundtrack while drunk. And I mean that as a compliment. Also playing: Fish Tank Ensemble and XL. Sun., Feb. 21. 9pm. $7-$10. Amnesia. 853 Valencia Street. 415.970.0012

Seaweed Sway Showcase
Featuring Stitchcraft, Kirk Hamilton, and Nice Guy Trio. The video below speaks for itself. Sun., Feb. 21. 7:30pm. $8. Make-Out Room. 3225 22nd Street. 415.647.2888

Nice Guy Trio at Yoshi’s