Special Event: “Love at First Sight” Theme Show

Join us for the month of February in celebrating (romance, love, beauty, infatuation, passion, devotion and adoration). The front of the gallery showroom has been transformed into a sanctuary of love. Just in time to buy something special for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Please visit us throughout the month of February to see this special exhibit that includes works from the following artists:

Lina Chang, Tomoko Maruyama, Eve Shen, Biff Moshe, Winthrop Prince, Noah Dasho, Hilary Williams, Jessica Patrick, Junko Van Norman, Melissa Burman, Maureen Shields, Naomi S. Cooper, Vera Tchikovani, Laurel Wright, MariNaomi, N. Ferrara and Mary Tivadar

February Opening:

February Opening: Check or the Theme Show and Visit with or Exhibiting Artists for February


Kathryn Le Grice, Laura Browning, Andy Kowalczyk, Jack Androvich-Normalfotos, Hiroko Sakai, Kalyle Origami, Georgianne Fastaia, Carina Lomeli, Lulu Bug Jewelry, Sarah Waite Chase, Kendra Renee Jewelry, Rebecca Peters, Jen Zahigian, Michael-Che` Swisher, Rivkah Kaz, David Imlay, John Lupo Avanti, Kelcie Tinker, Renee Anderson Glassworks, Helen Friedman, Simone Coulars, Barbe Saint John

Music By: Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson’s compositions combine elements of ambient, techno, and house. He has been playing live electronic music around the bay area for the last 2.5 years, refreshingly balancing upbeat synths with engaging bass. His recently released EP Time Traveler gained him an iTunes title of artist to watch in 2010.