MISSION HISTORY: Muralistas in Action 1975

And they got paid for painting! En Español

En Español

Michael Nolan, a reader, offered Mission Loc@l  this footage of Patricia Rodriguez and Graciela Carrillo
working on a mural in the Mini Park in 1975.   The mural is still in the Mini-Park on the 24th Street, Mission.

Mission History: Muralistas in Action 1975, January 2010 from Mission Local on Vimeo.

Video produced by Optic Nerve 1975, from Michael Nolan’s personal archive

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  1. I worked on this 30-minute documentary, “Art Works”, about the federally funded CETA Arts Program in San Francisco in 1975. It was produced, filmed and edited by Optic Nerve, a pioneering group in the use of portable video. They’re still going strong as Ideas in Motion, headquartered in Berkeley.

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