A Monday morning fire in a third-floor studio apartment on 24th Street near Valencia has left one resident temporarily without a home.

Shirley Hodge, the tenant of the apartment that caught fire at 3435 24th St., was not home when the fire broke and no one was injured, according Lee Sonko, a tenant who was helping the building manager access the damage.

Most of Hodge’s belongings, however, were damaged by either the fire or smoke. Hodge, who learned about the fire when she returned from work Monday evening, was sorting through her clothes and toiletries late Monday.

“Everything was fine when I left,” she said after letting out a long sigh. She suspects an extension cord sparked the fire.

Hodge had renter’s insurance. Her neighbor offered her a place to spend Monday night.

Sonko said he called the fire department at 11:20 a.m. when a tenant heard the hallway fire alarm and smelled smoke. The fire department arrived four minutes later, he said.

“They dragged smoldering mattresses,” he said.

Outside the beige brick building was a heap of belongings, including mattresses and sheets, books, a pair of hiking boots, a door with shattered glass and a cassette recorder.

“We’ll just leave it here for her to see what she can keep,” said Sonko.

“She can’t sleep here tonight.”