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Hundreds of people gathered at Dolores Park on Saturday night for the annual Unsilent Night, a group sound performance held every year since 1992. Composer Phil Kline, who organizes the event, wasn’t present but followers showed up right on time.

Participants brought boomboxes and iPods, and picked up free tapes and CDs handed out at the park before the march. At the count of three, they all pressed play and began walking together through the alleys and streets of the Mission.

As the group walked, residents stopped with a surprised look on their faces. For some participants, like Kristen Isaacs, a 28-year old who lives in the Marina, this was a first. We followed Isaacs as she experienced what may become an annual holiday tradition.

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  1. Paula M.

    Thanks for posting these great pictures. This was my third time going on SF’s Unsilent Night event. It’s a quiet, “subtle” event, but totally charming. The music is lovely, and it’s just plan fun to get together with friends as you join with dozens (or hundrds) of strangers in creating a mass music event, walk around and see decorations, and do other fun things in the Mission. (You can see a pic of a friend of mine in a Santa hat as we point to and comment on a light display we liked.) TIP for those doing Unsilent Night in SF next year: Before or after, go see the amazing 55-foot tall Christmas tree (complete w/ giant ornaments and mock presents) outside a nearby home at 21st and Sanchez. The tree is so big and lit up (and high up on a hill), you can even see it when standing in Dolores Park waiting for Unsilent Night to start. The display is a long-time annual tradition.

  2. Ed Olvera

    When I see something as wonderful as this.. it makes me miss living in San Francisco.. It’s the people that make this city great!

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