Update 12.23.09

New Opportunity@890 Valencia with X21 moving out.

The new Borderland’s Cafe opened this week.  It’s at least the second on the block after Four Barrel to try it without WI-FI.

Here’s a link to the street view.
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And to build other blocks:

400 Block, between 15th and 16th:
500 Block, between 16th and 17th;
600 Block, 17th and 18th;
700 Block, 18th and 19th;
900 Block, 20th and 21st;
1000 Block, 21st and 22nd;
1100 Block, 22nd and 23rd;
1200 Block, 23rd and 24th;
1300 Block, 24th and 25th;
1400 Block, 25th and 26th.

Nancy López

Housing, property, and space in general are prized commodities, especially in San Francisco. Nancy López gets to cover the stories that inevitably grow out of the cracks in the vacant storefronts, aging...

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  1. Just passed by and it’s open–lovely floors and some books in back. I’ll drop in for coffee tomorrow. lc

  2. I would like to see Cole Hardware or a store just like it open in the X21 location. We really need a good hardware store in the neighborhood.

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