Dance The Extra T-Day Pounds Away at Teenage Dance Craze

It’s Thanksgiving weekend–that time of the year when even artists and curators hide indoors to gorge themselves on dead birds, apple pie and whiskey–so there’s not much going on in the way of openings or big art parties at the moment. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still go out and enjoy the creativity of others. If you feel like getting off your ass this weekend, there are a few long-running shows in the Mission right now. Also… a dance party, a dirty cartoon marathon, and a movie about advertising. Woo hoo!

Teenage Dance Craze
If you were one of the cool kids back in high school, you probably missed out on all the gymnasium dances where cute girls in braces and skirts would sit along the wall and wait for scrawny boys to scuttle up and ask for a dance. Maybe you felt good about your anti-establishment choices back then, but as you get older, you might begin to wonder if you’d made the right choice. Smoking pot in your friend’s basement was fun and all, but those dances were really really great in a wholesome, all American kinda way.  Well, here’s your chance to see what it was like. D.J. Sergio Iglesias, Russell Quann and dX the Funky Gran Paw spin ’60s teen beat, twisters and surf rock. Fri., Nov. 27, 10pm. $3. The Knockout, 3223 Mission St.

Watch Racist Cartoons at Oddball Film and Video
Watch racist cartoons at Oddball Film and Video.

Banned! Censored! Cartoons!
Remember in Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth were lying on the roof of their car at an airstrip, watching planes zip by overhead? “Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?” said Garth. “No? Me neither. I was just asking.” If you’ve ever wanted to ask your best friend something similar, then check out this show and get swept back to a time when racism, sexism, drug references and soft-core porn were regularly featured in cartoons. It’ll make you feel less Garth-y. Fri., Nov 27, 8:30pm. $10. Oddball Films and Video, 275 Capp St.

Art & Copy
It’s nice pretend we are all masters of our own destinies and that each of us in a unique being unto himself, but none of that is true. Our likes and dislikes, our aspirations and life decisions, are all guided by the dark and mysterious hand of the advertising industry. We like what it tells us to like and we lead our lives according to its standards of beauty and success. Take a peek behind the curtain with Art & Copy, a film about advertising. Screenings through Dec.1. Little Roxie Theater. 3125 16th St.

“Toys Don’t Cry”
Sandra Wang and Crockett Bodelson are SCUBA, a team of two local artists who share gallery, canvas and bed space. Check out their newest creations over the course of the next month as they replenish sold pieces, or stop in and grab a piece for yourself ($20 and up). Nov. 21 –  Jan. 10. Free. Studio 3579, 499 Dolores St.

“I Wanna Be Adored”
In her largest-scale work to date, local artist Serena Cole has painted a series of beautiful women with creepy looks in their eyes. They wanna be adored and they will make you want them. Nov. 6 – Dec. 20. Free. Triple Bass Gallery, 3041 24th St.

Mysterious Ladies by Serena Cole
Mysterious Ladies by Serena Cole.

Mission Casbah
Join artists, independent designers, hippies, activists, and ex-ravers at the Mission’s newest art/market/party thing. Drinks, coffee, music, jewelry, fashion, and more. Sat., Nov. 27, 11am-6pm. Free. Sub-Mission Gallery, 2183 Mission St.

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