My intro for this edition of Mission Weekend was going to be like “blah, blah, blah -the party never stops in the Mission-blah.” But that’s starting to sound lazy. I mean, I said something like that last week, didn’t I? And I’m sure I’ve said it before. Anyway, let’s be honest. We live in the land of the mythical hipster. We go by the rules of the shameless park-goer and we share hallways with trustafarians, wannabe artists and weirdo drug people. Say what you will about these folks -at least they keep the fun running.

Stellar job for one of the coldest and darkest times of the year though, I gotta say.

Dance your boozy ass off this weekend at The Lab, blow your mind with experimental noise rock movies at ATA or freak out like its 1986 with a collection of 3D paintings at Mission Comics and Art. All that plus organic art, indie design, street sculpture and more.

Drinking and Dancing Competition

The thing about dancing is that it’s really hard to do without drinking. The problem is, when you drink too much, you run the risk of actin a fool. Which, given your impaired decision-making abilities, is pretty hard not to do (and also kinda dangerous in the age of camera-phones and Facebook). Well, here’s your chance to do it up alky style with zero consequences. You might even get a reward for your efforts at The Institute for Aesthletics’ Drinking and Dancing competition, the only contest in the land where sloppy-drunk dancing might get you noticed…in a good way. Fri., Nov. 13, 8pm. Free. The Lab, 2948 16th St, (415) 864-8855

Dance and Drink with The Institute for Aesthletics at the Lab

Dance and Drink with The Institute for Aesthletics at the Lab

New Works by Victoria Wagner
Enjoy coffee and snacks while checking out Victoria Wagner’s newest body of work, a series of surreal paintings and sculptures somehow related to nature (and stuff). Fri., Nov. 13, 6pm. Free. Four-Barrel Coffee, 375 Valencia, (415) 648-1047

Overlapping Worlds
Bend your mind in half with psychedelic noise music and experimental films from Sun Circle, Date Palm, Elms, and Paul Klipson, four artists coming together for one night of pure audio/video madness. Fri., Nov. 13, 8pm. Free. Artists Television Access, 992 Valencia, (415) 824-3890

David Herrera Performance Company

Origenes de Vuelo/Origins of Flight, An Immigration Story.   2868 Mission. Fri. Sat 8 p.m. Mission Cultural Center.

In 3D
Remember back in the 80’s when 3D movies were all over the place and you could fully expect to get a pair of awesome glasses whenever you walked into a theater? What the hell happened? These days, you only see 3D stuff at science museums and that sucks. Well, the tides are changing. Local Artist Stan Heller has been pushing the boundaries of 3D art for years, pumping out graphic novels, comic books and full-blown paintings. Take a break from the IMAX scene and check out some real 3D art tonight. Sat., Nov. 14, 7pm. Free. Mission Comics and Art, 3520 20th St., Suite B, (415) 695-1545

Casbah: An Arts-&-Crafts Party at Sub-Mission Gallery

Casbah: An Arts-&-Crafts Party at Sub-Mission Gallery

Mission Casbah
Join artists, independent designers, hippies, activists, and ex-ravers at the Mission’s newest art/market/party thing, Mission Casbah. Drinks, coffee, music, jewelry, fashion, and more. Sat., Nov. 14, 11am-6pm. Free. Sub-Mission Gallery, 2183 Mission, (415) 255-7227

Ogle a fresh batch of sculptures and installation pieces from a handful of Bay Area artists, each with his/her own take on what it means to work with objects (rather than paint or film or whatever). Some of the stuff you’ll see here will have been constructed from found material and some of it will have been sculpted…but it’s all gonna be awesome. Promise. Sat., Nov. 14, 7pm. Free. Roots Division, 3175 17th St., (415) 863-7668