Yesterday morning I woke up to workers sandblasting the walls of my apartment building on 25th street. I put a pillow over my head, which muffled the torture, but then they started shooting water at the Victorian windows to clean off the sand, but it turned to mud and leaked into my room, soaking my books, a djembe drum, and a guitar.

My stable abode felt as dysfunctional as Muni, the budget, and all city departments. But I’m lucky to have rent control and live in a cool old building cuz a lot of people have lost everything. The Washington Post says an Urban Institute study to be released today shows homeowners who get counseling are 60 percent more likely to avoid foreclosure and other ills. If only they’d known before shit hit the fan.

Like I was saying earlier, Muni’s got issues these days. Service was interrupted on the T, K, L, and M lines early yesterday morning because a derailment knocked out controls, which…read more here.

In less drastic Muni news, City Insider reports that a Market street pilot project to decrease traffic on that frenzied stretch will continue indefinitely. Be sure to follow the signs if you don’t want a ticket.

These are all good examples of why I ride a bike. Sometimes, though, it’s just no good for carrying awkwardly shaped equipment. If I had the money, this contraption might be the very solution to end all solutions. But for now, it’s a combination of tripods balancing across shoulders and pride in being a bag lady on wheels.

As a UC student, I shouldn’t be carrying anything tomorrow as UC protests and walk-outs respond to fee increases, furloughs, and lay-offs. Does writing this make me a scab?

If you’d like to stay tuned about the city’s budget crisis, the Budget and Finance Committee meets this morning at 11 at City Hall, Rm. 250. There’s the City Controller’s hearing on the recently released budget report, the Supes’ restorations, and instructions for more cuts.

While governments and institutions suffer, art seems to flourish.

First it was this amazing mockery of Kincade. Perhaps a better name would be Kinky-ade, fitting more appropriately into that old Beatnik hood over yonder.

And sfbg says urban art renegades like Rebar—of Parking Day fame—are bringing art through the doors of city hall.

It’s now legit for art to squat in empty buildings: On Friday, art will occupy vacant storefronts in the Mission and stare out at the homeless. The event starts at Triple Base Gallery on 24th street, with Aztec dance and jazz.

But way before Friday is today. And you’ll probably be hungry at some point today, so it may as well be in time for Mole To Die For–the annual mole and tasting contest at the Mission Cultural Center at 7 pm.

And this morning, if you’re trying to save some money while having fun, try canning your food. Lily Mihalik of Mission Loc@l shows you how in a series of beautifully designed recipes with beets and cauliflower.

Speaking of food, Mission Loc@l has baked a treat for you. Street Eats: Taking it to the Tweets debuts on the ML website right now. Follow street vendors on twitter, find them on maps, watch videos about them, the list goes on.

Before you get excited and start tweeting uncontrollably, let’s finish up our biznits. Kevin Ryan, the head of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice is also leaving Gavin.

Since Newsom appointed him to the position in 2008, immigrant rights advocates say he played a role in Newsom’s reversal of the city’s sanctuary policy that detains and deportats undocumented youth before they are convicted.

SF Weekly tells the story of a 15 year old recent immigrant boy that ICE detained for having a fold-up knife in his backpack.

Today would have been the 51st birthday of Jonathan Lopez, the paper delivery man for El Tecolote. He leaves behind a wife and three kids, ages six through 17, who immigrated to the United States in December of last year from El Salvador. He died of a heart attack on Nov. 5. Read the Mission Loc@l story by Deia de Brito, coming out today.

And at the crossroads of immigration and street food, Pelin Celebi-Ariner, wife of Murat, sent out an email announcing a sale in the couple’s home this Saturday from 10 to 2 p.m. (at 3269 22nd St. #1 between Mission and Valencia). It read: “Home is where the heart is. Thus, this home must change hands, along with everything in it.”

Complimentary muffins and chai will be provided. Amuse Bouche memorabilia, and digital piano, printer/copy machine, blender, deep freezer, and furniture will be sold.

Whatever you do, try to be several places at once tonight.

You’ve got John Ross, author, poet and Mexico correspondent at Modern Times at 7 pm. He’ll be reading from his new book, El Monstruo, a fat piece of work which Mission Loc@l’s Bridget Huber dutifully read from cover to cover (in a very short period of time) before she interviewed the author earlier this week. Look for her piece on Ross, out today.

CounterPULSE also has its mostly weekly Shaping SF, with Phillipines: Immigration Politics and the Body at 7:30. I’m a fan, and they’re free.

Speaking of politics and the body, it looks like doctors aren’t too keen on the banning of breast self-examinations and exams before 40. I was about to say.

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