Caroliner is a psychedelic nightmare.

It’s a beautiful weekend and there’s plenty to do. Fortunately you live in (or are visiting) the Mission, where there are almost as many art galleries, performance venues and warehouse spaces as there are liquor stores and taquerias. Here are Mission Loc@l’s picks for this weekend.

Caroliner is a psychedelic nightmare.

Caroliner (Editor’s Pick)
Rock critics often describe Caroliner as an “industrial bluegrass/experimental/noise conceptual art/costume rock band.” That sort of describes what the band’s all about — but not really. If you’ve ever had a dream about psychedelic bulls bashing out the theme song to The Muppet Show on pan flutes, you might be a little closer to understanding. But again, not really. The only way to fathom the furious screaming day-glow blast that is Caroliner is to experience a show firsthand. Now’s the time. Fri., Oct. 2, 7:30pm. $5-$10. With Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet, VSLS, Bullshit Detector, and Rigormortis Clitaurus.Sat., Oct. 3, 1:30pm. $5-$10. With Skozey Fetisch, Mummers (Eype), Bullshit Detector, Chrome Genie’s Barbie Worm, and Coagulator. The Lab, 2948 16th St. 415.864.8855.

“The Something
“The Something” is a psychedelic art show presented by students at the California College of Art that has something to do with telepathy, The Neverending Story and the stars in the sky. Art will be accompanied by feedback projections, noise and automatic drawings. Attendees are encouraged to participate by bringing their own instrument, video camera or projector. Fri., Oct. 2, 7-10pm. Free. Jack Hanley Gallery, 395 Valencia St. 415.522.1623.

Artist-Xchange Group Show: Opening Reception

Meet the artists behind Artist XChange’s October Group Exhibition: Sharon Von Ibsch, June Li, Christine Wetzel, Aladin, Lina Chang , Jen Zahigian, Eric Korbly, Heather’s Creations, Georg Langer, Wayne Jiang, Aiko Designs, Kirk McCarthy, Ruth Jacobson, Lisa La Rocca, Chloe Trujillo, Emily Van Dyke, Barbe Saint John, Meri Page, Nick Paz, Stephanie Hamilton, Carson Barnes, Walter Koning, Diane Julia Flick, Joe Twisty, Hilary Williams, Mary Tivadar, Hiroko Sakai, Eko Jewelry Design, Georgianne Fastaia, SuzyMac Designs. Fri., Oct. 2, 7-10pm. Free. Artist-Xchange, 3169 16th St. 415.864.1490.

Grow Up by Michael Sieben.

“If, Then Maybe
If you’ve ever read Thrasher magazine, you’ve seen work by these guys before. This exhibition features appearances and new art by Tim Kerr, Russ Pope, Michael Sieben, and Matthew Rodriguez with a special performance by ex-Big Boy guitarist Tim Kerr. Sat., Oct. 3, 6-9:30pm. Free. Needles and Pens, 3253 16th St. 415.255.1534

Lunanda: Literary Lounge and Open-Mike Night

A monthly event during which authors and poets read and perform. This month’s featured artists include poet Joël Barraquiel Tan, cultural worker/writer Jaime Cortez, and poet/writer  Michael Luis Medrano. Sat., Oct. 3, 7:30pm. Free. Galeria de la Raza, 2857 24th St. 415.826.8009.

It’s the Mission Arts and Performance Project night when local artists and musicians open their homes for a night of music and art. There’s afternoon fare for the family. A definite Mission must. Red Poppy Art House posts the map of MAPP, and hands out hard copies as well. Sat., Oct. 3, 1-4pm (Family MAPP) and 6pm-midnight (Evening MAPP). Free. Red Poppy Art House, 2968 Folsom St. 415.826.2402. Also at Free Rosie’s Cheeks Garage, 1132 Florida St. More venues to come.

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