2:05 The gavel comes down and we’re off

2:10 All of the Supes are present, and the first nine items are past in less than three minutes, off to a good start today

2:12 Item 10, Special Tax Financing Law, is amended and passed. Now Sup. Mirkarimi is speaking on behalf of item 11 which would change Farmers Market fees, for more information about these and all items on the agenda today, click here.

2:14: Items 12-16 are passed unanimously. Now Sup. Daly is speaking on behalf of item 17, the South of Market (SOMA) Community Stabilization Fund.

2:18 Items 18-19 passed.

2:20 Campos is speaking on behalf of item 20, which would allow Police Chief Gascon to hire his command staff outside of the department. He says he feels it is important to, “give the Chief as much flexibility as possible and let him hire a staff that makes sense for him.”

2:22 Now Sup. Elsbernd voices his concerns over this item, saying he, “doesn’t want to give the rank and file the impression that there is no future in the police department.” He says he will support the item despite his concerns.

2:24 Sup. Alioto-Pier also expresses her support for this item.

2:25 Sup. Campos clarifies the fact that this item was not his idea, even though he brought the measure forward and supports it.

2:25 Sup. Mirkarimi also says he supports the item, and points out the fact that police officers are typically recruited from outside of the city. He says that he would like to see more of an effort to recruit San Franciscans to the department. And the motion is passed.

2:26 Skip forward to item 28, which extends HIV prevention funding. The item is passed unanimously.

2:28 Time for roll-call. Sup. Avalos stands and expresses his concern over the treatment of skateboarders in the city. He says his children skateboard and that the city needs to rethink it’s laws so children are not treated as criminals. He also says that this is the 8-year anniversary of the War on Terror, and that his daughter, who is turning eight this week, has lived her entire life while this war has gone on (at which point Sup. Elsbernd let out a disdainful sigh while texting someone on his iphone)

2:31 Sup. Mar gets up and talks about the impact of the financial crisis on students and community colleges.

2:36 Sup. Elsbernd requests a hearing regarding the implementation of a new san francisco unified school district policy. He also submits several letters of inquiry regarding health-care legislation.

2:38 Sup. Chu introduces legislation that would make it, “easier for small businesses to work with the city.”

2:40 Sup. Dufty submits a memorial for a deceased friend

2:45 Sup. Alioto-Pier gives a lengthy memorial speech for the death of Donal Fisher, co-founder of the Gap.

2:50 Public comment time – it’s looking pretty sparse today. First up is one of the usual suspects, he speaks passionately in Arabic about some unknown topic while the board checks their email and send texts from their cell phones.

2:54 Next up an elderly lady talks about the fact that President Obama is considering sending troops…too…and she breaks down in tears before we find out where.

2:56 Next up, library conspiracy guy, nothing new here.

3:02 The usual suspects are all here today. I’m beginning to wonder if anyone in line is here to speak about an agenda item today.

3:06 Now a Bayview resident speaks in support of a new housing development which the board is voting on approving today. He is very happy with the company Lennar (which is a sharp contrast to the numerous residents who spoke out against the company at the 9/15/09 meeting).

3:12 A number of people speak both for and against the Lennar development in Bayview.

3: 14 Next up is doomsday guy putting on his usual two minute show, reading from the bible (focusing on the apocalypse of course) and…this week we have 37 days left until the end of the world.

3:20 Sup. Daly, Campos, and Mirkarimi have retired to the back corner where they talk amongst themselves. Meanwhile, a man who claims he has cleaned “millions of cigarette butts” off the streets of this city, and is appalled that now the city is going to charge him more to smoke. He demands respect, and says that he is the “pied piper” and while he, “may not take your (the Supervisors) children he will take something if they do not address,” him about this issue.

3:25 Now a man gets up and speaks on behalf of vegetarianism and raw foods.

3:30 Moving on to the next agenda item, first up is the redevelopment of Bayview.

3:35 A man get up and says that he has requested five minutes to speak out against the development. He is cut off at two minutes and yell’s that he prepared to go to jail to be heard. The bailiff steps forward and he backs down and storms out of the room.

3:40 Public comment on the redevelopment items, numbers 22-23, closes and Sup. Mirkarimi gets up suggests the item be amended.

3:45 Sup. Mar voices some cerncern about the impact of the measure on local youth, but says he support the amended items.

3:50 The resolution is adopted unanimously.

3:52 Sup. Chu presents a commendation to several members of the police department.

3:55 Several of the Supervisors get up and also thank the men who were honored.

4:00 Sup. Chiu issues a commendation for the San Francisco Peer Court which trains youth to work in the judicial system.

4:05 Sup. Chiu issues a second commendation for members of the Red Cross who responded to injuries related to a fire in a Single Room Occupancy hotel.

4:10 Public hearing time. First up is the Fox Plaza development. A woman named Ms. Hessler is given ten minutes to speak out against the development; she says that it will effect wind patterns and negatively impact the residents.

4:15 Half of the Supervisors have left the room at this point. The few remaining check emails and surf the web, with the exception of Sup. Avalos who listens intently.

4:20 Now the plaintiff is given his ten minutes to plead his case. He says his plan in in compliance with city regulations, and that the plans will actually improve wind conditions.

4:23 Sup. Daly asks the plaintiff if he has explored the issues brought up by Ms. Hessler during her presentation. A representative from the Planning Department says they did and that wind is a problem, although the department has not found a way for the developer to mitigate the wind issue.

4:27 Sup. Mar also has several questions about the wind studies the planning department conducted in conjunction with the proposal.

4:30 Sup. Campos and Elsbernd share a private joke in the corner, laughing and exchanging knowing glances with Sup. Alioto-Pier

4:35 The wind issue is still a hot topic, with Sup. Avalos asking questions now. All of the Supervisors have returned to their seats.

4:37 It appears that Sups. Campos and Elsbernd are now texting back forth to each other, exchanging looks every few minutes and laughing.

4:38 Now another gentleman is given ten minutes to speak in favor of the development. Sup. Elsbernd gets up and strolls back out of the room.

4:43 Sup. Daly is asking more questions about the wind; he seems skeptical that building a tall tower on a hill will improve wind conditions for surrounding residents.

4:47 Members of the public are now given the opportunity to speak on behalf of the project. A man from the Housing Action Coalition gets up and says he likes the plans for the development, and opposes the way the California Environmental Quality Act is being invoke by opponents of the project.

4:50 Ms. Hessler, the appellant, is given another two minutes to state her case. This time she attacks the projects permits and the foundation it is slated to be built on.

4:55 The hearing is closed and now the Supervisors are each discussing the matter (which includes items 24-27) before the vote.

5:00 The items are adopted unanimously.

5:01: Items 31-40 are all adopted unanimously through one roll-call vote. For more information on these items, click here.

5:04 Sup. Avalos get up and speaks in favor of a resolution to make today “Central American Peoples Day” in support of Sup. Campos contributions and the latino community in San Francisco.

5:05 And the meeting is adjourned, good night and good luck!

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Born and raised in Seal Beach, California, Heather Duthie studied Political Science and Community Studies as an undergraduate. She went on to work on a number of documentary films and for Link Television. She has lived in the Mission District for the past 5 years, and currently covers government for Mission Loc@l.

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  2. Jesus! Is this real? No wonder nothing gets done at city hall — from letting street wackos spout bible versus to letting supervisors put forth non-issues, this meeting seems contain virtually no meaningful substance except the Lenar / Bayview discussion and Sup. Chu introducing legislation that would make it, “easier for small businesses to work with the city.”
    Come on people! This is not a place to purge your brain, it should be a place to introduce and discuss things that are meaningful for the community, not every individual wackjob who walks through the door. REFORM NOW!