Get out your candy corn it’s six days until All Hallows Eve.

I wonder what Ahnold is planning for his Halloween costume. If he has his wits about him, maybe he’ll be a seamstress, at least that’s what the New York Times might suggest with one of their latest Bay Area Installments, “State Budget Compromise Comes Unstiched.”

Maybe a beggar would be more appropriate. Alms for the poor…Californians?

Looking for more ideas to get in the Halloween spirit? Check out City Halls Haunted Tour. That’s right, Ahnold isn’t the only one with hocus pocus on the brain. The tour runs tomorrow evening and is free to the public.

If city hall is too formal for you, head over to La Cocina’s Mezcal Monday. There you’ll learn to make delicious food from the Yucatan and Day of the Dead Bread. And when you’re done, you can wash it all down with some tasty mezcal mixers. Watch out for the worm!

Speaking of creepy-crawlies, we know most Halloween mascots are slimy and spooky, but how about crime-solving?

This leech certainly is.

Workshops are for all ages.

An Australian leech has been named the prime witness in the robbing of an elderly woman in 2001. The key to his title, DNA he sucked out of the burglar at the scene of the crime. Maybe the Mission should invest…

Okay, maybe you’d like to think about something sweeter, it is the weekend, after all.

If you missed last week’s Sugar Skull workshops, don’t worry there’s more to come, today from 1-4 pm at the Encantada Art Gallery on Valencia Street.

Or, if you’re a more quiet Sundayer, stay in and read the first installment of our new Sunday Fiction section. Enjoy!

And now for our moment of Zen, thank you Mission Mission.

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