It’s finally the weekend!

Now, ask yourself: How am I feeling today? Artsy, athletic? Both?

Today you don’t have to decide. Dolores Park has it all. Join the Aesthletics’ team at 2pm in their first San Francisco installment of art meets sport.

Don’t feel like running? Well, why not head over to the 11th annual Clarion Alley Block Party, today from noon to nine. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, there’s another alley party to check out—only this one’s a secret.  If you want to learn more, Mission Loc@l’s Brooke Minters has the lowdown.

Okay, okay, alleys not your interest, how about stamps? Stamps made by local artists, that is.

Today and tomorrow the Mission District is home to Passport—a chance to travel around the neighborhood collecting your favorite art, while supporting it too. Proceeds benefit the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and highlight local artists, including Veronica De Jesus, Clare Rojas and Tucker Nichols, to name a few.

If Passport fuels your creative side, why not follow the Chronicle’s advice and instead of carving your Halloween Pumpkin, eat it.

Chief Gascón must be paying attention because he’s dishing up some of his own creative thinking.

Effective November 11th, the new chief will be restructuring business as usual.

His plan: shifting more responsibility to individual captains and reinstating Greg Corrales as head of the Mission District station. Corrales is no stranger to the Mission District. In fact, he once held that very same position, but was demoted after the notorious Fajitagate scandal of 1992.  Since then, he has been cleared of all disciplinary charges.

Corrales isn’t the only one who’s been in hot water. Lou Dobbs and CNN continue catch flak for their controversial special “Latino in America.” In case you missed it, check out Noah Buhayar’s coverage of the Mission’s reaction.

Need something to relax after all this controversy? Check out Bonobo’s show tonight at Mighty.

If you don’t feel like relaxing, why not ramp up your Halloween spirit by joining the Thrill the World Campaign. The goal: reenact M.J.’s Thriller with thousands of people around the globe. Need some inspiration?  SF Flavorpill suggests you watch this video of Filipino prisoners getting gown to the King of Pop:

Enough said.