A few days ago, the city had plans to open mass swine flu vaccination clinics around San Francisco. Not any more. The Health Commission said yesterday that the plan is not feasible and decided to distribute the vaccine the old fashioned way—through clinics and hospitals. That could mean extremely crowded waiting rooms once the stampede starts.

Speaking of waiting rooms, Healthy San Francisco went before the U.S. Supreme Court yesterday in a suit that could leave it crippled. The Golden Gate Restaurant Association is suing to overturn a city law requiring businesses with more than 20 employees to pay toward their workers health insurance.

Rather than rule in the matter, the court delayed judgment to seek advice from Obama, the Chronicle reports.

While the court pondered, more violent deliberations were underway in the Mission. As Mission Loc@l’s Patrick Kollman reports, police shot a 27-year-old mentally ill man armed with a knife last night in an apartment on 14th Street.

The event is strikingly similar to the shooting of a mentally ill woman armed with a knife in the Mission last year. That woman opened suit against the city in federal court last week for $10 million .

Another piece published by Mission Loc@l yesterday gives you an up-close view of the neighborhood’s problems with domestic violence, seen through the lens of reporter Nina Goodby. Her new video looks at a project by the Caltholic church to provide refuge for battered women.

If the day’s news looks cloudy, at least the weather doesn’t. The city’s ten-day forecast predicts blue skies and sunshine all the way through the weekend, with temperatures reaching the low 70s.

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Bryan Gibel

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bryan has a background in investigative reporting for newspapers and the radio. He is working the health beat for Mission Loc@l.

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