For Safari users, here is the link to today’s feature on Sunday’s homicides.

Police will meet with Mission residents tonight at 6 p.m. to discuss how to “avert more bloodshed.” The gathering is happening at Mission Educational Projects Inc. at 3049 24th St.

While police try to head off a gang war in the Mission, Capt. Steve Tacchini says the warm weather could possibly bring even more trouble between feuding factions of Norteños.

On a different end on the thug life spectrum, “Ghetto Frida” has already been vandalized. Perhaps it’s her connection to the Tortilla Conspiracy.

ML reporter Lily Mihalik has a new video on Mexican flautist Horacio Franco’s unbuttoned performance at Mission Dolores.

In other art news, check out the  awesomeness of Sutro Tower … although the  stop animation made me a bit queasy. And I can’t be tossing any cookies this week, as I am on a strict food budget!

Yep, that’s right. I completed Day One of the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge without too many pangs. I should’ve done better planning and went to the store yesterday. It’s really difficult making a weekly grocery run for $28 bucks on an empty stomach. But I did it with four bones to spare. I might just save it up for the end of the week and splurge on a large Philz coffee. Or do you have a better idea on what to do with my $4? Please no Top Ramen suggestions.

Happy birthday Mom!


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