For Safari users, here is the link to today’s feature on Sunday’s homicides.

Police will meet with Mission residents tonight at 6 p.m. to discuss how to “avert more bloodshed.” The gathering is happening at Mission Educational Projects Inc. at 3049 24th St.

While police try to head off a gang war in the Mission, Capt. Steve Tacchini says the warm weather could possibly bring even more trouble between feuding factions of Norteños.

On a different end on the thug life spectrum, “Ghetto Frida” has already been vandalized. Perhaps it’s her connection to the Tortilla Conspiracy.

ML reporter Lily Mihalik has a new video on Mexican flautist Horacio Franco’s unbuttoned performance at Mission Dolores.

In other art news, check out the  awesomeness of Sutro Tower … although the  stop animation made me a bit queasy. And I can’t be tossing any cookies this week, as I am on a strict food budget!

Yep, that’s right. I completed Day One of the San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge without too many pangs. I should’ve done better planning and went to the store yesterday. It’s really difficult making a weekly grocery run for $28 bucks on an empty stomach. But I did it with four bones to spare. I might just save it up for the end of the week and splurge on a large Philz coffee. Or do you have a better idea on what to do with my $4? Please no Top Ramen suggestions.

Happy birthday Mom!


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Brooke Minters was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she developed a taste for culture and cuisine at an early age. A taquería connoisseur and documentary maker, she's eaten her way through most of L.A., Granada, Havana, and New York. It's only fitting that she finds herself on the food beat in the Mission.

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