Ruby has legs aplenty.

Stefania wore shorts on Monday! She’s the co-worker I refer to as “hot librarian” because she’s always buttoned up with a ponytail and her glasses at the tip of her nose. Always in jeans and Chuck Taylors, she never shows off her legs.

But Stefania wore shorts on Monday! Okay shorts from the men’s section of Urban Outfitters “because the women’s shorts were too short” and she wore them with royal blue sequined Chuck Taylors. But still—her legs were out.

The previous night my girlfriends and I went to a Dance Hall party in Berkeley to celebrate a birthday. Three of the four of us opted to go legs out with a full on heel. But I’ve noticed that lately in the Mission District the ladies (even sometimes on cooler days) are unafraid to show off their stems.

Heidi (not Klum) shows her legs off in a skirt.

You don’t have to be Tina Turner to have great looking legs. Yes the Soul diva has been declared by several publications to have the best legs in entertainment, and has been inducted into the online celebrity legs hall of fame. But we all have a little bit of Tina in us.

When Tina Turner began her climb to A-List status Naomi Campbell had yet to appear on the Cosby Show and Heidi Klum wasn’t even born. Neither was the other future supermodel Campbell. But both evoke Tina and have great legs.

Christine does short shorts with flats.

Okay, yes, one of the women I’ve mentioned has the best leg in Hollywood and the other two are supermodels—all probably have personal trainers. But guess what—the shortest shorts and heels will make the most stumpy legs appear longer. Not to mention that running, bike riding, and simply walking the hills of San Francisco sculpts legs nicely.

But back to fashion—If you’re shorter than 5’5” you should go for shorts that hit no longer than mid-thigh. As far as heels go, sky’s the limit. I’d do at least 4-inches…but that’s just me. Anyone 5’5” or better might want to go for shorts that hit more on the lower end of the thigh if uncomfortable showing that much leg. And if you’re really tall and do go with super-short shorts, throw on some flats to avoid looking too overdone. (I’m being polite, by overdone I mean slutty). Confession: I’m 5’6” and I’m all about super-short with super-high heels.

Liz was playful with her dress/legs combination.

Remember, fashion is totally relative so it’s always about what works for you. But you don’t have to be a Victoria’s Secret model to have sexy legs. And I’m proud of the Mission District ladies for being unafraid to bare them, especially since they’ve inspired my hot librarian to step up her fashion rep.

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  1. Stephania would be pretty devastating in a snowsuit. Shorts or no, I honestly can’t imagine someone more attractive. Very sad to think she’s headed to NY.

  2. Thank you. But I should have been clear, the big photo is a lovely young woman named Ruby who lives in the Mission District. It was hard to get a photo of Stefania–baby steps I guess.

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