With help from his parents, Ivan  Lopez, who attended the Pratt Institute in New York but grew up in the Mission District, opened Artillery Apparel Gallery at 2751 Mission St. four weeks ago.  He recently hosted the store’s grand opening this week and MISSION EYES was there.

Mission Eyes: Artillery Gallery from Mission Local on Vimeo.


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  1. Hard work and passion?? these guys stole the name of an artist organization in Florida. just google “the artillery” or “artillery apparel” and you’ll see where they bit the name and idea from. They stole an idea from other artists who have been doing it for over 5 years. bad form Ivan. I thought a Pratt Grad would have had better sense than this.

  2. A coincidence? You must be kidding! His web address is artillery-ag. don’t you think he tried to get theartillery.com or something good without a dash??. don’t you think he googled it? Come on. Not a coincidence at all. It’s called ripping off an idea.

  3. ouch! this doesn’t seem right. Maria, have you ever started a biz or registered a domain name? this doesn’t seem like a coincidence at all. they would have searched for web addresses without the dash first. he must have googled the name before hand too. to me this looks pretty unethical.

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