Happy Father’s day (again)! You still have a couple minutes in case you forgot, to take him out for diner. And as an ode to dads, we had to link you to Mai’s blog, Fashionist. She did this incredible portrait of Chris and his 11 month son Milo. Awww, so cute! Look at those cheeks.

We know you all love your husbands, but girls, look at what we stumbled upon, an interview in the LA Times, of our Mission born actor Benjamin Bratt. He talks about “La Mission” the movie he produced with his brother Pieter. Mission Eyes had covered the Premiere of the movie in the Castro last April. Set in the Mission district, the movie centers around Brat’s character Che, an old-school lowrider who discovers his son “is gay and has a violent reaction to it. It’s about this man’s journey to find acceptance and tolerance.”

In case you were to cold to put your nose out last to go to see Goldfinger in Dolores Park, and now regret it because you were bored all evening. Well, Mission Local brought you back a souvenir, a nice mix media piece. Enjoy. Because this week it’s back to the budget.

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