I met Anna Schneider from Germany during the summer of 2003 in New York.  Six years later our paths crossed again. This time, she was finishing up a two-year master’s at the San Francisco Art Institute.

After hearing her and her friends from India and Mexico talk about leaving the Mission District and one another, it struck me how we step into a foreign place, make strong bonds with friends and place only to move on.  As one of them said,  “the space, time and the people will never come back.”

I wanted to capture that experience.

Part 1: A German Meets the Mission District and Likes It

Part II:  Andres Garcia Franco | Mexico

Part III:  An Indian Learns to Relax in the Mission District

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    1. Interesting. Thanks for letting us know and you’re right, we have to do something about it. Best, lc

  1. andresito!!!!! you are very cool… eh? very interesting perspective… nicely timed pauses….cheers from betty’s and martin’s little cave
    muchos abrazos! we are waiting for the film on the movie theaters in Mexico! 🙂

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