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  1. Are you kidding?
    I have lived 2 blocks from Jivano’s place for 15 years and have yet to see the place open… ONCE! I am a huge supporter of local business and work professionally as a hairdresser as well as a cook. Believe me, I have tried to patronize Jivano’s to get my knives and cutting shears sharpened, but he’s never there. Instead I take them over to Columbus Cutlery where they have regular hours and are willing to work. The city and the Mission will certainly not be at a loss if this business goes down. That being said, I am not advocating tenant evictions, but I’m also not buying his story. He had plenty of opportunity to build his business, get himself health insurance. Additionally, it’s not like BiRite, Tartine and Faye’s Video are huge conglomerates. They are locally owned small businesses and we are lucky to have them.

  2. From what I’ve heard from chefs and neighbors around the hood, Jivano is a butcher not a sharpener. And if he can’t afford to give himself health insurance, what service is he really providing for the neighborhood? I’m all for local, small busniess but I’m also for well-run buisnesses that provide more than nostalgia.

    I really really wish his shop was profitable- for him, and for people who want their knives sharpened.

    I wish the guys at the corner store had bought out the building, I’d like to see them expand!

  3. ha! well, i guess we’ll have to see. i’d get your knives sharpened while you can though.

  4. Maybe I was a little too subtle (read: passive aggressive) in my previous post. But, I want to write it again: I’m glad Sammy’s not going to evict Jivano, just as he said he wouldn’t.

  5. Maybe people just don’t want to recognize what is happening, but it is pretty clear that Sam (owner of Bi-Rite store & ice cream & now Jivano’s building) IS trying to force Jivano out of his store front space! Shame to lose such a quality service for chefs, cooks, and the Mission/SF community over greed. Why not just let Jivano stay? Seriously – what a shame.

  6. Thanks for doing this. I lived on 18th and Dolores from ’93-00 and I wouldn’t want to see that block without a guy like Jivano. Good to know Sammy’s not trying to evict Jivano.

  7. I went to Jivano for years in the early 90’s, before I learned to sharpen my own knives. I often would just drop knives through the mail slot, and he’d call when they were done. I kinda wish I hadn’t learned.

  8. I love it! His story, these stories are gold. Working class Frisco on the skids… down but not out. THe more Jivano’s we got to fight there unjust evictions make for a better neighborhood. Holla at Tenants Union, Housing Rights Committee or St. Peters Housing Committee for support. And gente remember… take your beat up knives and support your local cutler.