The Mission District stirred with the sound of police sirens at 2:00 p.m. Friday when at least 13 cop cars chased two men suspected of  robbing car parts from a BMW on the 400 block of Capp St.  A resident called 911 to alert police. It appears that a the chase also involved a hit and run, but this could not be confirmed.

The suspects fled by car towards Cesar Chavez Street.  Police, sirens wailing  converged on the suspects from all directions. As they sped east and then south,  the suspects threw the the stolen items out of the car and  through the back window of a Volvo parked on 20th Street near Shotwell.

The parts included a catalytic converter, which is worth as much as $500, according to

Evidence from the robbery was found inside a Volvo at 20th St, near Shotwell

The owner of the Volvo, notified by police, walked down from his apartment on Folsom, and stood in front of his car looking at the smashed window,  too upset to talk.  Nearby, two police took photos.  One of them had jumped on her bike and come from the Mission District stations when she heard all of the calls. ” A police officer may be injured,” she said.

Likely related was a hit and run that occurred just after 2:00 p.m on Folsom and 25th Street. Two victims suffered non-serious injures and took themselves to General Hospital.

Police caught up wth the suspects at  Cesar Chavez and Alabama and escorted them to the Mission District Police Station. Police Captain Tacchini was on the scene and  unavailable for comment.

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  1. This case seems to be typical, when cops are caught roughing up suspects.

    People don’t care because the “suspects”, who they believe to be guilty, didn’t seem to care about the safety of people around them.

    Unless of course there is video showing just how rough they were, then it seems theres a 50/50 chance of them being punished. (Probably more like 70/30)

    The big problem comes up when they get in a mix-up and do this to an innocent person, or they get carried away and seriously injure someone, even if they are the guilty party.

    My point is the cops need to do their job the right way, without becoming, or committing criminal acts themselves.

    PS Once these idiots are convicted in court, THEN make sure to punish them according to the crime!!!

  2. They nearly killed me and my dog making a screeching right onto 19th from Guerrero as we crossed the intersection. Missed us by a foot. Idiots.

  3. The b&*$%s almost plowed right into me riding home from work. I was turing left onto Shotwell from 25th street and they came out of nowhere, followed closely by six police cars. They could have killed several people as they blew through intersections at 24th and 25th. I’m glad no one was seriously hurt. I can’t believe it was for some car parts. They must have warrants on them.

  4. These two morons thought they could out run 13 police cars while driving an old beat up white sedan…. through the Mission. They caused two accidents, the second were they were apprehended on Chavez St. They could have killed someone, all over what? Some stupid car parts??

    Talk about dumb criminals. Hope they rot in jail for being so stupid. Imbeciles.