If you’re inspired by our featured story on free food from Rainbow Grocery to find more free stuff in the city, today’s your lucky day. Today and tomorrow are free-admission days at the California Academy of Sciences for residents of zip code 94110! Bring one of the following to get in:

  • Postmarked envelope, postcard, or magazine label with name and date
  • Driver’s license or ID card issued in past six months
  • Utility bill (gas/electric/cable), bank statement, or letter from a government agency that has your name and home address (not a P.O. Box)

Our Steve Saldivar has a story today about reactions to swine flu in the Mission. Over at New American Media, there’s a good (and disturbing) companion for his story — posts from young Latinos on how they’re being treated by folks who blame the swine flu on immigrants.

Word from SF Appeal: Police are planning a DUI checkpoint somewhere in the city tonight between 8:30 pm and 3 in the morning. They aren’t saying where.

In other police news, be sure to check out gumshoe reporter Angela Kilduff’s post on the arrest of two laptop-stealers with curiously similar names and ages. Are these the same guys who were stealing the laptops she wrote about a couple months ago? Dunno yet, but Kilduff promises to get more deets on Monday.

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