Pepper Spray and Tazers Used as Weapons

Criminals may be using items that citizens carry for self-defense as weapons.

According to police a Hispanic male was robbed of $40 in cash when a woman attacked him with pepper spray near 20th Street and S. Van Ness. It happened early Tuesday morning at 2:25 a.m.  The victim was walking home at the time of the attack. He was treated at the scene by paramedics and had no life threatening injuries.

On Wednesday a Hispanic female called police and reported that two unidentified males used a taser against her twice while attempting to kidnap her. The woman reported that she was walking on a sidewalk near 17th Street and Alabama when the men pulled up to her in a van. One suspect proceeded to ask her for directions while another male got out of the car and attempted to force the victim inside. According to the police there is no active investigation underway because they are waiting for the victim to give a more thorough statement.

Despite the last two incidences, Police Information Officer Lynn Tomioka said that the use of pepper spray and tasers is quite unusual and has not been found to be a pattern in San Francisco.

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One Comment

  1. This story shouldn’t be unusual or shocking to anyone. Police officers and civilians, licensed to carry, have defended themselves and others with firearms for many years. Criminals have used the same type of guns in robberies for many years.

    But in this story, the weapon of choice is pepper spray and tasers. So criminals are using non-lethal self defense weapons to carry out crimes as opposed to knives and guns.

    The man who was pepper sprayed suffered no life threatening injuries because pepper spray is not lethal. And the woman who escaped being kidnapped was very fortunate to get out of that situation. But the result might not have been the same if the kidnappers were wielding deadly weapons.

    It is unfortunate that crime will always exist. Criminals will adapt to their surroundings and use whatever they can get their hands on to commit crimes.

    But regular citizens can arm themselves with these same weapons of self defense. And with a bit of training and awareness, we can beat the bad guys at their own game.


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