This is what a month’s worth of Mission District crime looks like–this one spans February 19-March 17, 2009 and is based on  Mission Station Capt. Stephen Tacchini’s weekly e-mail.

Click on any marker for details about the crime. All addresses are approximate.

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    1. Thank you. We’d like to make it even better next time around….although we hope there is less crime. Best, lc

  1. This map doesn’t reflect and assault, hate crime and robbery that happened to my friend and I on the night of the 2009-03-13 STRONGARM ROBERY Disposition: REPORT MADE. I think your map is missing a WHOLE LOT of crime! has a much more detailed map. The assault that happened to us was very violent and has been part of what I perceive as an increase in violent crime in the Mission. Please report more on these violent crimes!

  2. The biggest problem with the map you’re using is that it has Dolores Park in two locations. Otherwise, it’s a useful summary of Tacchini’s bulletins; any chance you could do this weekly? (If I wanted a monthly summary, I’d wait for the Noe Valley Voice.)

    DNA is off about Spotcrime, though; a quick peek at the site says that although it’s a nice idea, it only lists the last 300 incidents for SF. That’s less than 24 hours of police reports, as you can see for yourself.

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