Lydia Chávez

Professor/Managing Editor

Love reporting, editing and living in the Mission. Teaching too. Favorite places in the Mission change all the time. Lately mine are San Carlos, Lexington, and Bartlett - the small streets just off Valencia.

Stories by Lydia

SNAP: Cindy De Losa in Paris

Sitting very nicely in the dining room of a Parisian’s apartment. We wrote a piece about De Losa’s Homies series in 2008. I believe you can...

SNAP: Zio Ziegler in London

On a wall in Shoreditch.  He’s also in the Mission and we profiled Ziegler here. And most recently he is up on billboards in a new project.

Art That Won’t Be Silenced

The NYT has a good piece on Arab muralists and their work during the recent political movements with some of them included in a show...

Bound by Love

If you happen to be going to Sacramento, Mission artist Martha Rodriguez has a show “Bound By Love: Homenaje a Frida Kahlo” at the La Galeria Raza...