Lydia Chávez

Managing Editor

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I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor at Berkeley’s J-school since 1990. My earlier career was at The New York Times working for the business, foreign and city desks. As an old friend once pointed out, local has long been in my bones. My Master’s Project at Columbia, later published in New York Magazine, was on New York City’s experiment in community boards. Right now I'm trying to figure out how you make that long-held interest sustainable.

Stories by Lydia

Valencia Printing to Wallflower

When I left for a year in 2012, one of the places I hoped would remain the same was Valencia Printing.  When I returned, the sign, the...

Upstart # 4 After the Fire

If there was a silver lining to the horrific fire at 22nd and Mission last month, it was how it brought out the best in...

Faces of the Fire, Part 3

Zach Crockett, the resident who started the GoFundMe Campaign for the Mission fire victims, has posted the final part of his series on the Mission...