Mission Mystery Around Missing Brazilian Man

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The Mission District plays a backdrop twice in the real-life noir mystery of Paulo Netto, the Brazilian man who came to San Francisco to look at art schools in October — but whose body was instead found washed up near Pier 48 last month.

According to the SF Weekly: “On Oct 28, Netto made a frantic call to his sister, Ana, in Brazil claiming someone was following him and begged her to call police for help. At the time, he was located on the 500 block of Shotwell Street in the city’s Mission District. When police arrived to that location, they found nobody, and Netto had not been seen or heard from since.”

Then, to add to the mystery, a man used Netto’s credit card at a Mission District McDonald’s on Halloween night, caught on surveillance tape. Spooky, indeed.

Signs asking for the public’s help for finding Netto’s whereabouts had been posted around the Mission.

Then, a body washed up near McCovey Cove in November, and on Friday, the medical examiner confirmed to the Weekly that DNA testing revealed it to be Netto. Police, who said Netto was in “an altered state of mind,” wouldn’t confirm whether the case was considered a homicide.

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