Bomb Squad Clears Grenade at 25th and Capp, and Other Weekend Crime Tales

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The San Francisco Police Department Bomb Squad recovered a potential explosive device in a residence at 25th and Capp Street on Monday morning — what appears to be a grenade-like device found by the family going through a deceased relative’s home. There were no reported injuries. A neighborhood source spoke to a woman outside the house, who said her father had passed away, and she found a grenade while cleaning the house. The daughter thought it was a toy and threw it away, but then thought again and decided to call 911.

“Someone found a device while cleaning someone’s closet,” confirms SFPD spokesman Albie Esparza. “That’s very common. Relatives will often find these types of artifacts in the homes of the older generation people, especially if they served in any wars and are collectors. We collect it and render it safe.”

So that lead, rrr, bombed, but this weekend had no shortage of dramatic robberies and even a car flipping over in broad daylight in Glen Park on Sunday.

First for the robberies. At 2:30 in the wee hours of Saturday morning, a black 20-something knife-wielding female mugged a 21-year-old Hispanic female of her phone near 16th and Mission streets, according to SFPD reports. At about 12:30 Saturday night, a full-out episode of gun-wielding thuggery went down on Precita near Mission Street, when two suspects came up behind a 43-year-old man, popped a handgun up to his head and ordered him to the ground. They grabbed his cash-stuffed wallet and cell phone and fled to Cesar Chavez Street. The streak of violence continued a little before 6:00 on Sunday evening near the Castro Muni station, when a 20-something Hispanic male approached a 15-year-old black teen and kicked and punched him, leaving a contusion on the side of his head. Way to pick off the tiny tots with their eyes all a’glow, dude.

On Sunday afternoon, the normally sleepy Glen Park saw some uncharacteristic action, when the driver of a speeding vehicle lost control and flipped the car onto its hood on San Jose Avenue near the on-ramp to 280. One person was carted away with a life-threatening head trauma. The police don’t think alcohol or a chase was involved — just a Sunday joyride gone oh-so-tragically wrong?


  1. Ted

    Why is this article written so flippantly? These aren’t punch lines.

  2. HeartMission

    Dear Mission Local: Your flippant portrayals of real victims, right in our our very neighborhood, being attacked, robbed and even killed, reads like feckless lifestyle reporting. I find it sad that you would have such disdain for your own readership. This newly discovered tone of disrespect is a true disservice to our community. I sincerely hope you will consider holding yourself to a higher standard.

    • John

      I didn’t see anything “flippant” or “feckless” in the story.

      In fact it was a classic “just the facts, ma’am” piece of reporting.

      • HeartMission

        “Way to pick off the tiny tots with their eyes all a’glow, dude”

        One person was carted away with a life-threatening head trauma. The police don’t think alcohol or a chase was involved – just a Sunday joyride gone “oh-so-tragically wrong?”

        “So that lead, rrr, bombed”

        • John

          OK, yeah, the tiny tots remark was a tad glib, I’ll grant you.

          But the rest was fine, and I was very happy to see descriptions of both the victims and the perps in there.

          That enables us to start to understand not only what categories of people are committing these crimes, but also what are the profiles of the people they target.

  3. Mister Big

    As a Mission dweller, one of the most helpful things supplies me with is details of crime that happen in my immediate neighborhood.

    The hip attempts at inserting (supposedly funny) commentary in between the facts doesn’t help and insults the crime victims.

  4. Ada

    I agree the tone is wrong here. I also thought Mission Local had a policy on not reporting unhelpful racial descriptions like “20-something Hispanic male,” which describes much of our neighborhood and does not ID anyone in particular. If you don’t have a policy on omitting this kind of race-only ID information, you really should.

  5. localloca

    The only reason I show up here is for the Trouble blog. I’m happy we’re getting descriptions of the assailants. Would love to see more details on clothes, particularly color – those are gang identifiers.

    Tone is a bit too glib and flashy though today though. This isn’t a music review.

  6. City

    All you non-local transplants new to our neighborhood need to understand something…the Mission has always been a hot spot for crime. Gangs, drugs, prostitution, assualt & now with the influx of rich folks in the hood, robbery. Dont under estimate the dangerous elemant that remains here. See you can try to evict the long time residents but its not so easy to get rid of the criminal elemant. Bottom line is that crime will always be a part of the Mission & you need to adapt or move the fuck out!

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