1. Wow people sure are either naturally or willfully unobservant. That skateboarder goes by like nothing is happening.

  2. I don’t think he was willfully unobservant you gotta approach situations like this with foresight and NOT try to be the hero. Ultimately it’s just a bike. I grew up in the Mission and one thing I’ve learned is assessing the situation first is better than risking being clocked in the face or worse yet shot by a concealed weapon.

  3. What is the recommended response if we see this?

    That’s a busy corner – I think I would stand at a safe distance and make a whole bunch of noise yelling at the guy for stealing, and also calling 911. Maybe alerting Walgreens security first?

  4. Looks like the bike was just locked up with a cable lock. I’m sorry this happened but cable locks don’t afford any measure of security in The City. A painful lesson.

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