Good Morning Mission!

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National Be Kind to Lawyers Day

Of course, they’ll bill you for it.

6 A.M.  50°, feels a lot colder, but clear and due to warm up, a tad.

Not Your Abuelo’s Summer School

No summer school in the Mission? Then head south.  Renowned Mission performance artist Guillermo Gomez-Peña (above) leads La Pocha Nostra to Oaxaca for their annual International Summer Intensive workshop extravaganza.

“Bleakest Urban Area in the City”

Andrew Ross probably didn’t realize his mini-diatribe on Cesar Chavez Street would ignite so much cyber-passion.  We expected the Bard of La Lengua and Mission Mission to weigh in, but SFist, CurbedSF and their minions?  Even better, the SFGate readers.

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