Build a Block

Build a Block

The story so far

When American Apparel wanted to move into the Mission District last spring, those who favored it wondered whether the opposition was wise given the number of vacancies on Valencia. The number 27 was thrown around by the media and Mission Loc@l decided to look at each Valencia Vacancy. In reality less than 10 storefronts were available. In many cases, plans were underway or an owner had decided to hold a property off the market. Since then, we’ve done two updates and now, thanks to a funding campaign by David Cohn’s Spot.Us, we invite the neighborhood to have a conversation about what should go into the empty storefronts or to tell us whether a recently opened establishment could be doing something better. We’ll update this every two months or so and report on the collective loc@l wisdom.

Valencia Vacancies

A list of what’s vacant, newly-opened and soon-to-be.


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